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Waiting for a girl like you

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Foreigner 4 Waiting for a girl like you. Перевод песни Waiting for a girl like you — Foreigner Рейтинг: Waiting for a girl like you. Автор перевода — Milinka Поблагодарить за перевод на форуме.

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Пожалуйста, согласовывайте с авторами переводов возможность копирования материалов. Перевод песни Waiting for a girl like you Foreigner Загрузка Foreigner 4 Waiting for a girl like you Перевод песни Waiting for a girl like you — Foreigner Рейтинг: Ждал такую, как.

Waiting for a Girl Like You

She feels most valued when she is getting attention from guys and has placed a large part of her identity in the way that she looks. This mentality has built unattainable expectations that is keeping her from ever experiencing love. This never ending chase to always want more has distracted her from finding true contentment in the Lord.

To put it simply, The Independent feels more comfortable pursuing her dreams than pursuing a relationship. The Independent is the girl who is too busy to date. She has chosen to place her precious time in anything but a potential relationship. Most likely, she has been in quite a few relationships and falls for guys fairly easily. We talk all about her latest crush and get a taste of some of the things that God has been teaching her when it comes to her dating life.

Now, we are so excited to launch our new For the Girl podcast! In each episode, Mac and Kenz will sit down with special guests to unpack the tendencies, fears, desires, and traits of each dating type. To learn more about discovering your dating personality visit delightministries.